How to Integrate VIP-191 (III) — Sponsor’s Side

Sponsor’s Server Code

  • The server is listening on localhost:3000.
  • The tx is re-constructed from the request, it’s a good time inspecting it.
  • The sponsor is using his own private key to sign.
  • The sponsor_signature is returned to the user.

Back to the User’s side

Finally, on the user’s side, it can assemble the final compound signature and post the transaction to the VeChain network!

An Example Result

As of writing, I have successfully posted several transactions and all show details of VIP-191 fee delegation feature, for example, the transaction with below ID:

Example of VIP-191 Result


Due to the length of the article, this VIP-191 tutorial doesn’t show the full source code from the user’s side and the sponsor’s side. I have included a workable sample of user.js and sponsor.js on the Github for you to run.

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