How to Integrate VIP-191 (II) — User's Side

  1. The “user” creates a transaction body.
  2. The “user” generates a “user signature”.
  3. The transaction is sent to a “sponsor” to get a “sponsor signature”.
  4. The two signatures are combined to forge a “final signature”.
  5. The final transaction is posted to the VeChain network.
Overview of VIP-191 Fee Delegation.

Deploy the Smart Contract

Build a Transaction Body

Generate a User Signature

Get a Sponsor Signature

Next Steps

  • Write a sponsor service to generate “sponsor signature”.
  • Combine the user signature with the sponsor’s signature.
  • Assemble the final transaction and post to the VeChain network.

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A Byte Ahead

A Byte Ahead

Passion in computer science.

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