How to Integrate VIP-191 (I)- Intro

What is VIP-191?

In short, VIP-191 is a fee delegation proposal that gets realized on VeChain that enables the end-user to use blockchain without paying native tokens/cryptocurrencies. The fee is paid by a sponsor. To make a metaphor in real life, it is like a father as a primary credit cardholder giving his kid a secondary credit card to go shopping. All the fees incurred are paid by the father in the end.

Father pays for his son’s shopping cart.

Why is VIP-191 Important?

Just as Ethereum has introduced CREATE2 opcode to solve (in a weird way) the “user-onboarding” issue described in this article, VeChain also realized the friction (huge obstacle, to be honest) for new users to adopt the blockchain system. For example, wallet setup, private key safekeeping, buying cryptocurrencies on exchanges, calculating transaction fees and so on.

How about the users don’t worry about the fees/crypto and just go using the dApps directly?

Here comes the VIP-191 fee delegation protocol on VeChain. :)

Where does VIP-191 Come to Play?

Quite a few scenarios as I have observed.

Games use VIP-191 for promotion
Shipping Company uses VIP-191

How does VIP-191 Work?

It is very simple.

Concatenate Signatures to forge a VIP-191 signature

What’s on Next:

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