How to Deploy a Smart Contract on VeChain with Bare Hands.

Old Days of Deployment

  1. A piece of source code of Solidity.
  2. A compiler to turn source code into byte code.
  3. A small utility program to deploy the byte code onto test-net.
  4. Another small utility program to interact with the deployed contract.
  1. Install solc the compiler on the computer.
  2. Prepare an account and write a small Javascript program in web3 to deploy the contract.
  3. Or plugin remix + web3 gear to deploy the contract.
  4. Setup a test-net connection, or spin up your own blockchain node to connect to.
  5. Write another small utility program to call the functions on the smart contract to observe the final result.

A Shortcut: VeChain Inspector

You don’t need to write a line of code for tools, all can be done in browsers!


Copy the hello.sol into Remix
Enable a compiler.
Compile the source code.


Click “view more” to find the Inspector app
Click to use the Inspector app.
Deploy the smart contract byte code.


A smart contract interface.
Methods of the smart contract.




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