Announce the “thor-devkit” Python Library for VeChain

The long-awaited Python3 version of tools to work with VeChain is finally here. Behold, the “thor-devkit” is open for download at Pypi:

Ever since the Twitter poll of the “which language that users expect to work with VeChain”, Python got the highest votes (46%). So I think I can do something to help the many scientists, students, and developers to work easily with VeChain without hassle!

This Python library I tried to shape as close as the Javascript version, and it contains the newest features of VeChain, for example, VIP-191 Fee Delegation, VIP-192 Self-signed Certificate, and Multi-Task Transaction MTT.

This library currently covers the following topics:

Wallets and Keys

  • The private key, public key, and address conversion.
  • Mnemonic Wallets.
  • HD Wallets (multi-coins wallets supported).
  • Keystore.

Hashing and Signature

  • blake2b and Keccak hash functions.
  • Signing messages with private keys.
  • Verify the signature by recovering the public key.

Transaction Assembling

Self-Signed Certificate

ABI Encoding/Decoding

  • Function + parameters encoding/decoding.
  • Event + parameters encoding/decoding.

Bloom Filter

  • Add items to the bloom filter.
  • Verify if the item is in the bloom filter.

Please enjoy the library on the Github and Pypi and at the same time don’t forget to ping me on Twitter to add new features!





Passion in computer science.

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A Byte Ahead

Passion in computer science.

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