Recently I bumped into a new realm of Defi and obviously, one of the core infrastructures is the decentralized exchanges or so-called DEXs. The basic functionality for them is to provide an exchange from coin A to coin B.

Uniswap is one of its kind that exceeds both in volume…

The long-awaited Python3 version of tools to work with VeChain is finally here. Behold, the “thor-devkit” is open for download at Pypi:

Ever since the Twitter poll of the “which language that users expect to work with VeChain”, Python got the highest votes (46%). …

Hello guys!

Welcome to another episode of the blockchain-related technical articles!

As you have learned from the official developer-related Twitter account @vechaindev announcement, the core developers have implemented a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) library in Golang as part of the VeChain PoA 2.0 milestone.

Sitting at the core of the…

This is the last part of the tutorial.

It mainly explains the sponsor’s initiative to inspect the transaction and sign his signature on it. We will use the express.js library to build a framework to receive transmission and return the result.

Before that, I have a hefty wallet on test-net…

From the previous episode, we have learned the basic “terminologies” of VeChain VIP-191 fee delegation. To summarize, the process can be simply described as below:

  1. The “user” creates a transaction body.
  2. The “user” generates a “user signature”.
  3. The transaction is sent to a “sponsor” to get a “sponsor signature”.
  4. The…

Hello! Welcome to this part of the universe that we lazy engineers try to deploy a smart contract on VeChain without any special tools.

Tell your fellow engineers about these tricks and let’s build on VeChain right now!

Old Days of Deployment

In the good old days, developers on the blockchain face several critical…

Hi guys, welcome to this section of the tutorials. I am very excited about the new features that VeChain has introduced recently, for example, the VIP-191 fee delegation. I will quickly walk you through what it is and how to use it in the following tutorials.

What is VIP-191?

In short, VIP-191 is…

Congratulations! You have made to the last episode of this tutorial. Here we will put everything we know together and make a useful program: a VTHO token transfer tool. The official Sync only provides the VET transfer functionality, our VTHO tools is a very good supplement to the status quo.


Sync: Desktop VeChain DApp environment.

Setup in 3 minutes

Great! I see you have survived the last tutorial, now it is time to start programming. The first thing we need is a Sync environment.

Recently I have been working on a DApp tool on VeChain. However, I searched a lot but couldn't find any hands-on tutorial for developers. I decided to go for it and shed some light on this topic. …

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